Unwanted Tiny House Becomes a Cute & Desirable Home!

2 bedrooms | 1 bathroom | 1440 sf | SOLD $505,000 | 11037 38th Ave NE | MLS#1387022 Getting this home to market was definitely a team effort that started with a friend of Kelly's referring the seller to Blue Pacific Real Estate. The seller owned it for nearly 30 years. It certainly fit the description of "home with lots of potential". The property had some re-development potential so we first shopped the opportunity to our builder community. We happened to hit a soft market for builders and most weren't interested in offering a fair value. We could have done a deal, but we determined it was best to put it on the market. We consulted with the seller and came up with a minimum scope of work t

Green Building – Involve your Realtor

Kelly recently completed the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Green Designation. There is a lot of great information out there on what makes a home ‘Green’, but it can be difficult to keep it simple. NAR’s green designation empowers us as your realtor to better inform our clients with specifics to look for and understand when buying and selling homes. To us, it comes down to energy and resource efficiencies. We can guide you on what to look for and ask when looking at your next home purchase. Or if you are thinking about home improvements, give us a call and we would be happy to consult on the improvements that will have the most impact on the energy efficiency of your home. Part

Builder Client Purchases side-by-side Properties with help from Blue Pacific RE

A builder client successfully purchased two Ravenna properties next door to each other due to negotiations and diligence of Blue Pacific RE. The first purchase was an active listing (MLS 1390995) that we were successful on versus multiple other competing offers. The property next door was not listed but through our due diligence we were able to secure that property as well. Anytime you can redevelop two houses at the same time, you undoubtedly will end up with cost efficiencies in the long run. Finding suitable redevelopment opportunities for our builder clients and representing the sale of the future new homes is a large portion of what Blue Pacific Real Estate does. For these two purcha

How Pricing Discipline & Understanding the Current Market Benefited our Buyer.

We recently helped a family purchase a new construction home in Shoreline. This is a picture of their new top-chef kitchen! Our clients were able to purchase this home for 12% less than the original asking price. The successful purchase was a result of a collective effort of pricing discipline and understanding the current market. We made our initial offer on Christmas Eve after the property had been on the market for nearly three months. We offered $135,000 less than the current list price as a result of taking a hard look at the comparable sales and making adjustments for the somewhat dead market. Ultimately, we transacted $40,000 higher than our offer price but still a fantastic resu

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