New Seasons Market in Ballard. What is all the buzz about?

Have you been to the New Seasons Market in Ballard? I looked into what's so special about another grocery store and this is what I found: According to their website, "New Seasons Market brings delicious, healthy food from local farmers, producers, ranchers & fishermen into our communities." They were founded in 2000 by 3 families from Portland, Oregon. "It was about rethinking what a grocery store could be: in the new millennium, the families envisioned returning to the idea of a neighborhood market, selling local and organic items—and conventional products, too. A fun, friendly place where customers could make that connection to who and where their food came from. The kind of store that honors its farmers, ranchers, growers and makers—and helps them prosper for generations to come." Headquartered in Portland, Oregon they have 19 stores in Washington, Oregon & California. Their mission "is to be the ultimate neighborhood store. No matter the neighborhood." Social responsibility is part of their core which is why they donate 10% of their after-tax profits to local, nonprofit organizations with a focus on fighting hunger, supporting schools, and promoting environmental conservation. Having personally shopped there, I can tell you it is not just another super-market. With a motto of "We're a grocery store with heart", you can't go wrong! This weekend they are having a Burger tasting event on May 26th.

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